Artist Spotlight: joe eXclusive

You may not know his face, but I’m sure you know his work. He’s the stylist behind the Ruff Ryders First Lady Eve’s impressive image.   From the signature blond hair to the customized leathers.  That first assignment (Eve) catapulted his career and he hasn't looked back since.  He is the creative inspiration behind the looks of Keyshia Cole, Mya, Tyrese, DMX, Lisa Raye and the list goes on.  joe eXclusive is not only a stylist but a "Lifestyle Ambassador" (love it).  Aside from celebrity styling he runs a styling/
imaging/branding firm called Destination 1610.  Destination 1610 is a style firm for the entertainment industry that specializes in imaging, artist development, styling, photography and product brand management.  Serving as a headquarters of all things creative.  joe's newest project is Sacred Heart Collections a young hip collections of woman's clothing.  Reigning from The Bay Area joe eXclusive verified his position in this business.  I couldn't wait to get into the head of joe eXclusive.  Where does he get his inspirations?  What he has going on now?  He was gracious enough to sit down with me and let me pick his brain...this is what he had to say.

Style Haven: Where are you from? 
joe eXclusive: Richmond, CA Bay area like tony tone toni... en vogue and too short

S.H:  Where did you get your start styling?
j.e:  Eve was my 1st client.  We were friends, she got a record deal and styling her became my job.

S.H:  Who inspires joe eXclusive? 
j.e:  Gianni Versace 

S.H:  What must you have your hands on for this Fall? 
j.e:  Burberry trench and riding boots!!!    

S.H:  What is one item that you can not leave the house without?
j.e:  A fab bag...Lanvin, Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton

S.H: Fashion Week New York is approaching, what designers are you looking forward to seeing?
j.e:  Naeem Khan, J. Mendel, Diane von Furstenberg and  Carolina Herrera

S.H:  Do you have any fashion advise or styling tips to share with young prospects?  
j.e:  Go for it, don't be afraid.  Fashion is an expression so have fun with it.  Don't be afraid to try color.

S.H:  Where is your favorite place to vacation?
j.e:  South of France 

S.H:  Can you reveal any new projects that you have coming up?  
j.e: My focus is building destination 1610 style, imaging and branding firm into the next Motown meets Andy Warhol's factory.
S.H:  Tell me about Sacred Heart Collections?
j.e: Sacred Hearts Collections is a fab new woman's line that reminds 
me of a young Rachel Roy.  I see it growing to a level of Diane von 
Furstenberg in the coming years. 
S.H:  What is your affiliation with Sacred Hearts?
j.e:  I am the brand ambassador, I house the line in my LA and NY 
showrooms.  I use it on my clients and make it available for other 
stylist as well.
S.H:   I’m sure you will say all of the pieces, but I must ask... 
what are your favorite pieces in the collection? 
j.e: Bella is sexy, Carma Leo and CJ are supppper fly and I'm dying 
for Beyonce to wear Chelsea. (I'm gonna call Ty her stylist 2mrrw...
S.H: Who is behind Sacred Hearts Collections?
j.e:  Brandi Russel she's fab!!!! 
S.H:  Who is the Sacred Heart customer?
j.e.:  Sacred Heart girls are sexy, flirty, fly, classy women. 
Keyshia Cole, Megan Good, The Braxtons, and Kelly Rowland all have 
Sacred Heart pieces.

For more info. on joe eXclusive, 
Destination 1610 and Sacred Hearts 
Collections follow the links below:


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