thrift 101: Is $2 too much?

Is $2 too much?

Thrifting is becoming all the rage and everyone wants a piece of the action. I love to thrift and sometimes I see $4 and they're having 50% off and I halfway look at the garment it goes straight in my basket with no thought. But is $2 too much?  I say YES especially if it's not needed or you will never wear it.  How many people have a closet full of clothes but only wear a 1/4 of the closet? BTW I can help you out with that problem check out our Stylist Services ;)   I am so guilty of this. I think most of the joy of thrifting is being able to say I bought this entire outfit and I paid under $20.  The best way to get value out of your thrifted goods is to shop how you would shop for regular clothes.

1. Go in with a plan- thrifting is no different than grocery shopping. When you go in with a list you tend to discipline yourself, without a list you leave with cookies, chips and some battery operated sponge to clean your dishes (not needed)

2. Stick to the plan- your plan has to be general ie. dress for friends wedding, new fall clothes, sweaters etc.  with thrifting you never know what your going to find so a general idea is needed.

3. Ask yourself Love it, Need it, Want it...thanks to Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche I often ask myself these three questions when shopping. I haven't come across a thrift store that takes returns so a decision has to be made because all sales are final.

4. Check the fabric and quality. Yes it's $2 but will it cost you $20 to fix it? Is it fixable? These are questions you must ask yourself.  Can I throw this in the washer machine? Does it have to go to the dry cleaners?  All of these questions are important because it adds to the cost of the item.

Remember the point of thrifting is to find quality clothes, accessories, furniture etc. at affordable prices while helping the carbon footprint by reducing landfill. Your also giving back to your community being most thrift stores are tied to a local charity. I'm sure you didn't know you was doing all that by purchasing a $2 sweater but before you go filling your carts make sure you ask yourself is $2 too much? Styling on a dime is a common concept I'm just showing you how to do it the Wright way.

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